Health, Wellness and Convalescence

Bad Hofgastein is the paradise of health

Bad Hofgastein’s touristical infrastructure is the most up-to-date in the Valley of Gastein. This intimate town lays on the widest and sunniest part of the valley, at 850 meters high from the sea level. Its flashy and showy townscape represents the real Alps feeling. Its pedestrians walks have been surrounded with many small shops, restaurants and guesthouses. In the town centre, there is a brand new congress and therapy center, which is in the middle of a well-attended, 120.000 sqm big park. There are possibilities nearby, for horse-riding, playing tennis, golf, mini-golf or squash. With hireing an offical tour-guide, we would be able to have a hike on the beautiful mountains to the glacier of the area.

Health, Wellness and Convalescence

Dip some new energy, health and freshness from the thermal-water of Gastein! The 42-47 °C spring water, which contains Radon, reaches the aquaparks of Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein through a modern pipe-system. (Alpen Therme Gastein ñ Bad Hofgastein and Felsentherme ñ Bad Gastein both of them operate with Radon free water).

The Gasteiner Heilstollen (Gastein healcave) is unique in the World, with its natural way of painkilling and regenerating. The drilling stared in the 50’s for the sake of gold-mining. Instead of gold, “only” incompareable curative power has been found in the cave. Independent scientific studies can confirm the almost-miracle-stories of visitors. After several visits of the Gasteiner Heilstollen, 80-90 % of the guests are telling, that they feel less pain then before the cure. The medicinal part of the healing-cave is in approxiemetly 2 kms deep in the ground of Radhausberg, where the temperature is between 37 and 41,5 °C and the relative humanity is changing between 70 and 100%. There is an average 4,5 nano Curie Radon in the air. The Radon is an inertgas, but the level of it, in the air of the cave, is just in a perfect concentrate. It has an effect of regenarating, propulsing the metabolism, painkilling and foster the immunizing power.

This three healing factors make the worl-unique microclimate. The healing cave and the thermal-water of Gastein is perfect for general recovering and quick recruitment from injury. It is specially advised for rheumatic illnessies, like pain in the back or in the waist, for metabolism problems, for allergies like asthma and bronchitis, and for Bechterw-kind of illness. It is also suitable for avoiding many medical problems, too.

Fitness, sport

If you are preparing for a more serious training programm or you are about to take part in the next marathon-running or in a cycling competition or for any other sport event, you will surely find a perfect trainer or coach for you in Gastein. The “Leistungszentrum” (training-center) of Gastein can give you a personelly tailored training-scheme, even if you are not a professional.

Test your health! The Sportdoctor Center of Bad Hofgastein can offer guidance and programm, at university level, on the following areas:
Physiological performance, Sport remedy, Mental training, Weight loosing, Remedy from the Alps and higher mountaines, Aerodiagnestic, Acupuncture, Biofeedback and Light-therapy. The personal doctor guidence and the perfect infrastructure of Gastein offer a perfect environment for everybody, who wants to improve its sport-performance.