Freedom, fitness, adventure, active relaxing or sweet “doing nothing”

The appartments have 2-8 beds, which means that every bedroom got 2 or 3 beds. Every one of them owns a well-equiped kitchen and a separate bathroom. So, it is perfectly suitable for couples, youngsters, families or group of friends. This is not only a place for a confortable and relaxing staying, but also a place to do something for your health. So, when you got back, you will be full with fresh energy!

If you are able to let us know your arrivel, well in-advance, then we are able to place as many as 20-28 people in once. Next to the picturesque view of the surrounding area, there is the brand new hall (24 sqm) for the company, which also helps to have a perfect recreation.

There is a parking lot for the vehicles and also a place for the skis and other sport kits.