Winter holiday

Be on the move also in Winter, in the paradise of skiiers: Gasteinertal – Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, Dorgastein


We can find great ski slopes, in total length of 200 kms, at Schlossalm in Bad Hofgastein, in the near at Angertal ski-center (5 kms), in Dorgastein and in Bad Gastein. They are situated from 830 to 2.686 meters high from the sea-level and has being connected with 50 pieces of ski-lifts. In Sportgastein (1.700 – 2.400 m), is it possible to do any winter-sports even in April, thanks for the snow conditions. Next to skiing, of course there are many and well maintained tracks for the lovers of ski-running and winter-jogging. In addition, there are more skate and curling track operat in Bad Hofgastein with a ski-school, naturally.

The slopes of Gastein belong to the ski-region Ski Amadé.

One ski-pass (Ski Amadé ski-pass) is valid for 865 kms of slopes (Sportworld of Salzburg, Schladming-Dachstein Tauern, Gastein, Winter Empire of Hochkönig and Valley of Großarl). You can carving and snowboarding not only at the valley of Gastein, but at the neighbourhood of Gastein, with the help of the, so-called ski-swing. In the area of the Ski Amadé, the motto is: Sport, fun and unlimited ski-delight.

One of them is: Bad Gastein. Totally, 70 kms of well-maintained slopes, in every level of hardness with 14 ski-lifts (7 pulling-lifts, 3 chair-lifts, 4 bubble-lifts). The lifts operate from the base of Bad Gastein (1.000 m) to the top of Stubnerkogelig (2.246 m). Next to skiing and snowboarding, there is a wide variety of sport facilities, like: ski-running, ski-hiking, icewall climbing, skating, curling, horse-toboggan, playing indoor golf, playing squash, playing tennis (indoor) and the list will never ends.


Bad Hofgastein is in direct connection withBad Gastein, where we can use another 51 kms long slope system with 11 ski-lifts (3 pulling-lfts, 5 chair-lifts, 3 bubble-lifts) till the height of 2.300 meters. Here, from the top starts the longest track, called: Hohe Scharte, which is 8 kms long. Not far from Gastein (10 kms), is the quite snow-sure Sportgastein. It has totally 24 kms long slopes, with 1 pulling-lift and 2 bubble-lifts, from the height of 1.590 to 2.686 meters. So, it is really snow-suer, next to its breat-taking view.

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We can fondle our tired limb in Bad Hofgastein’s Aquapark, in the 6 “world” of ALPEN THERME GASTEIN (with its beauty-farm and children-zone) or in Bad Gastein’s thermal-spa at the FELSEN THERME.