Freedom, fitness, adventure, active relaxing or sweet “doing nothing”

The appartments have 2-8 beds, which means that every bedroom got 2 or 3 beds. Every one of them owns a well-equiped kitchen and a separate bathroom. So, it is perfectly suitable for couples, youngsters, families or group of friends. This is not only a place for a confortable and relaxing staying, but also a place to do something for your health. So, when you got back, you will be full with fresh energy!

If you are able to let us know your arrivel, well in-advance, then we are able to place as many as 20-28 people in once. Next to the picturesque view of the surrounding area, there is the brand new hall (24 sqm) for the company, which also helps to have a perfect recreation.

There is a parking lot for the vehicles and also a place for the skis and other sport kits.

Health, Wellness and Convalescence

Dip some new energy, health and freshness from the thermal-water of Gastein! The 42-47 °C spring water, which contains Radon, reaches the aquaparks of Bad Gastein and Bad Hofgastein through a modern pipe-system. (Alpen Therme Gastein ñ Bad Hofgastein and Felsentherme ñ Bad Gastein both of them operate with Radon free water).

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Winter holiday

Be on the move also in Winter, in the paradise of skiiers: Gasteinertal – Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, Dorgastein


We can find great ski slopes, in total length of 200 kms, at Schlossalm in Bad Hofgastein, in the near at Angertal ski-center (5 kms), in Dorgastein and in Bad Gastein. They are situated from 830 to 2.686 meters high from the sea-level and has being connected with 50 pieces of ski-lifts. In Sportgastein (1.700 – 2.400 m), is it possible to do any winter-sports even in April, thanks for the snow conditions. Next to skiing, of course there are many and well maintained tracks for the lovers of ski-running and winter-jogging. In addition, there are more skate and curling track operat in Bad Hofgastein with a ski-school, naturally.

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Sights and unforgetable experience in the Valley of Gastein

  • Mountain excursions on every level,
  • Panning with an expert guide,
  • Visiting the ruins of gold-mining,
  • Demonstration of the gold-mining in the “Montana Museum” of Bˆckstein – a real experience,
  • Trip to the Castle of Klammstein – visit the castle, exhibition about the history of the valley (at the entrance of the Valley of Gastein),
  • Horse-riding at the Reiter Oberhaitzing,
  • 18-hole golf course (Golf Gastein).

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The Valley of Gastein

The Valley of Gastein – with its towns like, Bad Gastein, Bad Hof Gastein, Dofgastein – is a world wide known spa-place for centuries.

Here are that you can find: picturesque Alps view, crystal clear lakes, babbling mountain streams, majestic hill tops and flowering fields.


The world of Alps is a balm for the body and for the soul. It could enslave us with its magnificence and colours.
You can choose from an enourmous range of possibilities, like mountain trips, through scenic surroundings, whoomping waterfalls, hiking to the top of the mountains. These ensure you about the excitement, the aventure and the sport activity. Conquer the pitchies with a rucksack and a walking stick and your reward will be a beautiful view and the fascination of the nature.

During your trips, you can taste the typical and home-made drinks and foods of the area. There is also a possibility for riding a bike, horse-riding, hiking in the nature, traveling on a cart. The ordinary walking is boring and ineffective. Letís try Nordic walking, which is more and more popular at now-a-days. This is only one type of sport, that Gastein offers for you.

Who are trying to reach the top of the mountains by a more confortable way, there you can find uncountable number of lifts and funicular railways.


The winter-sport lovers will not be disappointed also, because in the paradise of skiers, you can find more ski-centers, which are of course being connected to each other. These are: Gasteinertal – Bad Gastein, Bad Hofgastein, Dorgastein. More than 200 kms of slopes, at a height from 830 to 2.686 meters are awaiting for you!

Here you can find everything, which fondle your body and soul, makes you healthy and improve your condition.
You can get more information or an offer for accomondation via e-mail:, phone+436769256614 , +436769256616, or at the cell number: +36 30 940 11 45.